Part 2. How to Recover Deleted/Lost Word Document on Mac

This would not be an issue, except for the fact that when we then accessed the folder just a quick search in Spotlight for Office AutoRecovery the files were nowhere to be seen. As you can see from this screen grab, the most recent file in our AutoRecovery folder was from 5 March, but we know that there are more recent files saved there.

How to Find Unsaved or Lost Word Documents on a Mac

The problem with the AutoRecovery file is that it is located in a Library folder that isn't visible by default, and that will have some impact on whether your files are visible or not. Did you know that Word could be making backup of your documents?

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This can be helpful if you want to return to an older version of your document. If you happen to have a Time Machine backup on an external drive you can roll back to a time when a deleted or corrupted file was still on your system. Go to the folder where you'd hope to see your file, or an earlier verision of your file.

3 Ways to Recover Unsaved/Lost/Deleted Excel File on Mac

You could even try the AutoRecovery folder mentioned above for example. Open Time machine and flick back through the day, weeks or months to see if your file is there. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. Follow our Complete guide to Time Machine for instructions on how to recover your files.

[12222] How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac

If you are unfortunate enough not to have a backup routine then we suggest beginning one immediately. Macs are very reliable machines, but there is always a risk of something going wrong, so it's best to protect yourself against potential disaster. Try looking at our How to back up a Mac feature that highlights several solutions for this essential practice. What if you never saved your file - if in a moment of madness you clicked on Don't Save rather than Save?

It happens! Can you retrieve your file? Your Mac also has a folder where it might temporarily keep files. The Temporary folder isn't easy to find though. Should neither option be available, then a free file recovery program might be a better solution to try then restoring your last access to the document. You may find that there is more saved, even in an unsaved file, then you realize. This option works for both Word or Excel. If the free file recovery tool is unable to recognize the file on which you were working, then there may be temporary files still available on your system that Microsoft Word can access.

How to Recover Unsaved, Lost, or Deleted Word Document on Mac 12222

You can follow these steps to recover the content if you closed without saving or experienced a sudden crash for any reason. Under the Document Recovery Section, click the down-arrow for the document to recover if there is data available.

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Then click on the Info command, followed by the Manage Document option, and then finally choose Recover Unsaved Documents. Select the file that you wish to recover, and then choose the Open command. You can then save the document normally. If Word crashed and recover document Mac commands are unavailable to you because the unsaved files folder is empty, then you still might have a way to reach your missing content.

It means that even when you are working on a document the program is saving the data even without manually operating it. For this program to work you will need to save the document first, with a proper name then the program will continue to save the document after every 10 minutes or lesser whatever you choose. Now, if an unexpected shutdown has removed the file from the device then you will be prompted for a recovery procedure when you launch the Word next time.

But if it's not the case then you will still be able to recover a version of the document if you just look into the Auto Recovery Folder. Step 3: Now, there may be a few files, so, you must check the dates of every one of them to find the one you are looking for.

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  • Recovering Unsaved Word Documents!

Step 4: Ultimately, when you find the missing file you must not click to open it, just save it using a new name. But this procedure will only work for Word , sadly who are using the Word they are in for a challenge.

Word for Mac crashes or quits when you save - Office | Microsoft Docs

The Auto Recovery Folder for Word is inside the system and for that, you will need to make the hidden folders visible. So, the steps you can take to find the Auto Recovery Folder while using Word are as follows:. This is how to recover unsaved word document Mac. So, if you actually have any Auto Recovery file they will be inside that location. But the Auto Recovery files are not permanent, if the Mac was shut down unexpectedly then Auto Recovery will save the file but if you have deleted it then Auto Recovery will not save the file as you have closed the file according to proper procedure.